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To Our Valued Client,

As the Holiday Season approaches, we would like to remind you that our appointment book is now open.  Call today to book your appointment 708-430-8484.

As you prepare for your upcoming appointment we want you to be aware of some changes in tax law that may affect your tax liability. Those changes are as follows:

  • Health insurance companies will be issuing a 1095 A, B, or C to provide proof of insurance. Please make sure you bring the 1095 as we cannot file your return without it. Those of you who were without insurance for part or some of 2015 please note that the penalty is higher this year and is based off of a percentage of your income.
  • If you have stock sales please send us the 1099-B with supporting information prior to our appointment so that you do not have to wait while we key in all this activity. 
  • Payback of first time homebuyers’ credit taken in 2008 continues this year.
  • The sales tax deduction on the purchase of new vehicles may be eligible for deduction.
  • Changes are being made as far as the rules and regulations for tax preparers. Your tax return will not be filed without proper documentation and please remember we are required by law to electronically file your return


Due to the changes in tax law, we strongly urge all of you to complete the tax deduction finder and bring it with you to your appointment.  We would also like to remind you that if you don’t have a financial planner at this time and you are interested in making an appointment for Financial Planning, we recommend contacting: Patricia A. Koney & Associates at 708-349-1001.

At this point in time we are unable to make a commitment on cost for the upcoming season.  As always we will do our utmost to hold the line. Please remember that our office procedures are as follows:

  • All paperwork will be held until payment is received in full.
  • Taxes may not be released at time of preparation; they will be reviewed for accuracy.
  • For your convenience we now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

As in the past, we keep striving to serve YOU, our Client, with the latest and most innovative sources and materials available.

Happy Holidays!

The Staff of Thurzo-Spellman Enterprises, Inc.

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Please remember that the IRS will never initiative contact with you by phone or e-mail. If you receive a suspicious phone call or email, do not provide any personal information and report it to the IRS. Below is some important information that the IRS provides regarding these types of communications:

What to do if you receive a suspicious IRS-related communication



You receive an email claiming to be from the IRS that contains a request for personal information, taxes associated with a large investment, inheritance or lottery.
  1. Don’t reply.
  2. Don’t open any attachments. They can contain malicious code that may infect your computer or mobile phone.
  3. Don’t click on any links. Visit the IRS identity protection page if you clicked on links in a suspicious email or website and entered confidential information.
  4. Forward the email as-is to the IRS Phishing Department: phishing@irs.gov. Don’t forward scanned images because this removes valuable information.
  5. Delete the original email.
You receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS but you suspect they are not an IRS employee …
  1. Record the employee’s name, badge number, call back number and caller ID if available.
  2. Call 1-800-366-4484 to determine if the caller is an IRS employee with a legitimate need to contact you.
    • If the person calling you is an IRS employee, call them back.
    • If not, report the incident to TIGTA and to us at phishing@irs.gov (Subject: ‘IRS Phone Scam’)
You receive a letter, notice or form via paper mail or fax from an individual claiming to be the IRS but you suspect they are not an IRS employee … Go to the IRS home page and search on the letter, notice, or form number. Fraudsters often modify legitimate IRS letters. You can also find information at Understanding Your Notice or Letteror by searching Forms and Pubs.

  • If it is legitimate, you’ll find instructions on how to respond or complete the form.
  • If you don’t find information on the IRS website or the instructions are different from what you were told to do in the letter, notice or form, call 1-800-829-1040 to determine if it’s legitimate.
  • If it’s not legitimate, report the incident to TIGTA and to the IRS: phishing@irs.gov.
You receive an unsolicited fax, such as Form W8-BEN claiming to be from the IRS, requesting personal information … Please send the IRS the email or scanned fax via email to phishing@irs.gov (Subject: ‘FAX’).Visit the FATCA home page and Form W8-BEN for more information.
You receive an unsolicited telephone call or email, involving a stock or share purchase, that involves suspicious IRS or Department of Treasury documents such as “advance fees” or “penalties” …
  1. Complete the appropriate complaint form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. Forward email to phishing@irs.gov (Subject: ‘Stock’).
  3. If you are a victim of monetary or identity theft, you may submit a complaint through the FTC Complaint Assistant.
You discover a website on the Internet that claims to be the IRS but you suspect it is bogus … send the URL of the suspicious site to phishing@irs.gov (Subject: ‘Suspicious Website’).
You receive a text message or Short Message Service (SMS) message claiming to be from the IRS …
  1. Don’t reply.
  2. Don’t open any attachments. They can contain malicious code that may infect your computer or mobile phone.
  3. Don’t click on any links. If you clicked on links in a suspicious SMS and entered confidential information, visit the IRS identity protection page.
  4. Forward the text as-is, to the IRS at 202-552-1226.Note: Standard text messaging rates apply.
  5. If possible, in a separate text, forward the originating number to 202-552-1226
  6. Delete the original text.